Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1

Welcome to the inaugural day of the...

day 1 – recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

"Hi There!"
  1. I always sing along to the radio when I'm in the car. 
  2. I have a fear of cotton balls
  3. My eyes change color depending on what I'm wearing (they range from very light blue to deep green)
  4. I'm obsessed with everything on Bravo. 
  5. I cannot stand Kelly Clarkson.  
  6. I spent a summer in Tanzania teaching english to children affected by HIV/Aids. 
  7. I have four best friends. Three of whom I've known since before I was 12. 
  8. I am super picky about textures. Clothes, food, linens. Everything.
  9. I lived in Spain.
  10. I was a super competitive softball player. I played just about year round from age 12 to 18. 
  11. I have a unhealthy obsession with cilantro. 
  12. I probably watch CNN 60 hours a week. No lie. 
  13. I hate texting. I avoid it at all costs. Even more than that, I hate when people abbreviate their texts.  u no wat im sayin.  
  14. I am was once an N'SYNC super fan. Lance was my favorite.
  15. I'm not ashamed to say I have a serious crush on several elderly grey haired politicians. (If you really need to know: Joe Biden,  Chris Dodd, Max Baucus and Bill Clinton. 

and Happy Birthday to this girl!

Love you BW!


Emily said...

Love this challenge, and all these facts about you. I'm with you on the texting thing--mostly because I read into two words, and because I prefer a personal connection (maybe a conversation). Have a great weekend. oxo

Whitney said...

Is this a linkup that you're doing or is someone else doing it? I need this push!! Let me know if it would be okay to do it too :)

Elle Sees said...

i can't stand cilantro or sage. apparently it's a genetic thing. and my eyes change color too!!

Ginny said...

Love your facts, it's great what makes us each individual! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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