Saturday, December 29, 2012

{Day 29} TV Time

Favorite TV Shows

Let's be honest. I really love anything that Bravo does. I'm a Real Housewives addict. For real. I love all the casts, but since I'm from Atlanta... these ladies have to be my favorite. The Beverly Hills girls are definitely a close second in my heart. 

I also LOVE Top Chef. I've been watching it from season 1. and I have to say, living in DC is wonderful because there are so many top chefs around town. I love it .

Then I'm all about NBC Thursday nights... if Community would hurry up and come back on.

The Office has been my long time favorite... and I'm still a loyal viewer, especially since this is the last season, but it's just not the same since Michael Scott left. So sad. He needs to come back for the finale. 

I am officially obsessed with Parks and Recreation. Amazing. 

And I can't forget 30 Rock. Love it.

So what are your favorite TV shows?

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